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Top 10 Best Law Schools in Canada for International Students


Witten By Jacinda Santora

December 21, 2024

    For aspiring lawyers, getting into law school is a major accomplishment. To select the ideal programme for your career launch, you must conduct research and prepare. It may be helpful to know which schools have outstanding reputations if you’re thinking about enrolling in a prestigious law school. In this post, we define the top law schools in Canada, list them, and go over preparation advice for law school.

    What qualities distinguish Canada’s best law schools?

    The best law schools in canada for international students give their students access to all the tools they need to succeed as lawyers. They offer pro bono clinics where students can practise law while also helping members of the community. Some of them publish legal journals and work on research initiatives that cover anything from international trade to family law. The best law schools are determined to be the institutions to attend in order to begin a legal career for a number of reasons. Average LSAT scores for students, job placement rates, and bar exam pass rates are a few of these variables.

    Top legal institutions in Canada

    The 10 top-rated and the best law schools in canada 2023 are shown below:

    The University of Toronto

    The University of Toronto is home to one of Canada’s finest law schools. Academic excellence is significant to the university since it typically does better than competitor organizations in the field of law. The University of Toronto’s law department offers classes in a variety of subject areas, including legal theory, criminal law, business law, and health law. The institution’s health law LLM programme has been ranked as one of the top ten in the world by several people. Students at the University of Toronto’s law school are well-educated, diverse, and passionate about promoting justice both within their own communities and beyond.

    McGill University

    Because of its stellar reputation, some people refer to McGill University’s law faculty—the oldest in Canada—as the “Harvard of the North.” Three institutions in Quebec provide English language programmes, with McGill being one of them. At McGill University, law students must be passively bilingual in both English and French. This university offers courses in comparative law, environment law, air and space law, and other topics. Hire essay writing service Canada and get your admission essay done by experts.

    The University of British Columbia

    The Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia has been educating academics, community leaders, and lawyers in private practise for more than 70 years. Because it is situated in Vancouver on Canada’s west coast, the University of British Columbia is popular among foreign students. The law curriculum at this school helps students achieve the requirements for practising law in Canada while also providing them with core training. Common law and taxation are two important legal specialties that the University of British Columbia offers.

    The University of Montreal

    Another one of the best law schools in canada for international students that routinely ranks among the top Canadian civil law schools is the University of Montreal. The University of Montreal is open to international students who want to pursue a legal education in Canada. This university becomes a desirable alternative due to the diversity of legal degrees it offers in French. For native English speakers, the university also offers business legal courses.

    The University of Calgary


    A progressive organisation, the University of Calgary welcomes opportunity and change. The law school at the University of Calgary is well-known and has a varied student body. Comparing the University of Calgary to other law schools in Canada, smaller class sizes are a significant advantage. This suggests that teachers and students might spend more time together. International students can even pay for essay online if they are having hard time adjusting in the new environment initially.

    Due to its rigorous curriculum and realistic coverage of all practical aspects of law, University of Calgary is a successful leader in the field of law. It does not solely rely on the theoretical component but also takes into account the abilities that students will require to succeed in the workplace in the future. Students can earn a graduate certificate in Natural resources, energy, or environmental law through the master’s programme offered here. Legal students at the University of Calgary should have little trouble finding employment or an internship at prestigious law firms like Jones Day and Linklaters.

    The University of Ottawa

    The oldest and biggest bilingual university in Canada, law schools that offer full scholarships, Numerous excellent legal courses are offered at the University of Ottawa in either English, French, or both languages. The University of Ottawa offers a variety of courses, including international trade and investment law, notarial law, and global social responsibility and environmental law. The legal degree at the University of Ottawa provides students with a multitude of networking possibilities in Ottawa’s business and political groups, which is a significant advantage.

    York University


    The Osgoode Hall Law School at York University offers a comprehensive, challenging, and cutting-edge curriculum that prepares students for a variety of legal jobs. This law school has held its ranking as one of Canada’s top law schools ever since it was founded in 1889. The school provides a variety of courses, including common law and business law. The LLM Guide ranks Osgoode Hall Law School among the top 10 universities for intellectual property law and arbitration and mediation based on academic performance. Students even buy an essay paper online to get into universities like this.

    Queen's University

    The Faculty of Law at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, has been offering top-notch educational preparation in a variety of legal specialties since 1861. The LLM programme at this law school offers students the chance to complete some of their schoolwork in an English castle, which makes it special. Students interested in legal theory and philosophy can take courses in legal and political thought at Queen’s University.

    The University of Alberta


    The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta, which was established in 1912, is the third-oldest law school in Canada. This institution is also one of the top-ranked law schools in Canada. best essay website to get into this university with the expert help. For students seeking a degree in energy law, this university is an excellent option, because they can study in Canada’s oil capital. This may also expose students to various networking opportunities.

    The University of Alberta is one of Canada’s top law schools, enrolling approximately 40,061 students from 156 nations. This law school stands out above other law schools in Canada due to its outstanding reputation on a global scale in a variety of subjects. The University of Alberta concentrates on three main questions—why, what, and how—and is thought to have been operating on them for the previous few years. The university is ranked as one of the top 5 research institutions in the country.

    Dalhousie University (Schulich School of Law)


    The last one of the best law schools in Canada; Another of Canada’s finest legal schools is Dalhousie University, which is recognised for its behaviour code and pragmatic approach to education. The university has actively engaged in promoting social awareness for the benefit of society in addition to actively promoting its youth to engage in the university’s research programmes. The institute is also a member of the U-15 Group of Canadian Universities, which is known for producing some of the world’s top researchers.

    Learners will have the ability to participate in group projects in a setting that is unique and advantageous to teachers. More than 20,000 students at Dalhousie University are guaranteed to obtain the best education and connections to the outside world.

    In the heart of Nova Scotia is this esteemed law school. The university is among the best not just because of its aesthetic appeal. This suggests that the university is yet another intellectual high point. The diverse researchers and instructors of the law faculty have expertise in a variety of subjects, including history, criminology, legal anthropology, law, political economy, mass communication, political philosophy, and sociology.

    Suggestions on preparing for law school

    Here are some pointers to assist you as you get ready for law school:

    • Attend an LSAT prep course.Although taking LSAT prep programmes before the exam is not required by universities, they may dramatically improve your score, which is frequently the determining factor in whether you are accepted.
    • Think about starting a study group. Study groups could be a useful teaching tool. You might understand and retain the course material better if you and your classmates discuss it.
    • Look for a summer internship.Find a law firm that offers internships while you are an undergraduate or even in high school. This tells you how a law office runs and what a practising attorney does on a daily basis.
    • Speak with a lawyer.Arrange an educational session with a lawyer to gain insight into the field. To understand about your many employment options, try to meet with lawyers from a variety of practise areas, such as corporate, business, family, criminal, and public law.
    • Think about reading quicklyThe courses in law school involve a significant amount of reading. Some students find it helpful to develop their reading speed so they can finish their projects on time.
    • Write more effectively.Make sure you are a strong writer before submitting an application to law school. Look for chances to hone your skills outside of your studies or employment, such as learning the fundamentals of grammar, enrolling in a night writing class, or participating in a workshop. You can also hire best law essay writing service online for your assignments later on.
    • Make a note.Taking notes is a crucial skill in legal studies. As you progress through your undergraduate education or in your career, improve your note-taking skills.
    • Invest on study aids.Future law students would benefit greatly from using a writing style manual and a legal lexicon as study tools. Excellent study tools might also aid in your exam preparation.
    • Create wholesome routines.You can prepare for law school by learning how to balance a demanding academic load with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and personal hygiene habits. It may be simpler to maintain a healthy balance in your life over time the earlier you achieve one.

    Final Words!

    Due to their instructional objectives, Canada’s top 10 law schools are famous for generating thinkers of the highest calibre. Your legal career can get off to a good start if you enrol in one of these colleges. These schools are a popular choice for students wishing to begin careers in the legal area because of their extensive histories of operation and solid reputations.

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    Being accepted into law school in Canada is exceedingly difficult, even at the least selective schools, as the average acceptance rate is around 11.4%.

    Eligible candidates for the General Category should have at least a “A-” average (GPA 3.7) in the final two years of their undergrad degree while taking a full course load, in addition to an LSAT score of at least 160.
    Canada’s law degree cost ranges from $7,500 to $34,000 annually, including LSAT and application fees, but does not include financial aid or student loans, which can vary from $7,500 to $34,000.