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130 Excellent Argumentative Essay Topics - English Essay Ideas

130 Excellent English Argumentative Essay Topics & Steps to write essay confidently


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May 7, 2024

    Knowing how to write an argumentative essay is crucial since it fosters critical thinking, improves your grammar, and can aid you in both your academic and professional endeavours. In order to assist you in writing a strong essay, we define argumentative essays, provide advice on selecting essay themes, and provide a long list of potential topics for argumentative essays.

    What Is an Argumentative Essay?

    In a heated debate over climate change, you and your friend debated the issue, with you arguing for real risks to the global population and environment and your friend arguing against it.

    After developing solid arguments, you find yourself irritated by the constant thought pattern. Recording disagreements can help you develop new concepts and enthusiasm. Writing argumentative essays can improve your perceptiveness and reasoning abilities, saving you from listening to your friends’ arguments.
    In an argumentative essay, the writer must select a position on a certain issue or topic and back it up with facts in order to convince the reader of their point of view. High school and college courses often require this type of essay to hone students’ analytical skills and inspire them to participate in difficult debates.

    Let’s set out to master the art of writing an argumentative essay, complete with a well-defined framework and an infinite number of possible good topics for argumentative essays. We guarantee that after reading this piece, your ability to dispute will become unwavering!

    Three Typical Models for Argumentative Essays

    Let’s begin by discussing the three most widely used argumentative writing models. Understanding this will help you organise your essay in the way that best suits your tastes. The choices are as follows:

    • Out of the three models, the Toulmin model is the one that is most frequently used. It begins with an introduction, advances to a thesis or assertion, and then offers data and evidence to support that contention. Rebuttals of opposing arguments are typically included in essays of this kind. This method works well when there isn’t a definitive answer or unquestionable truth to a problem.
    • Carl R. Rogers developed the Rogerian model of argumentation, which evaluates a discussion and suggests a middle ground for conflicting viewpoints. This paradigm places a strong emphasis on collaboration. It acknowledges that there are multiple perspectives on a given argument. After acknowledging opposing viewpoints, the introduction is followed by the key points made by the author in the Rogerian paradigm. It carefully considers both sides of the argument before attempting to offer a medium ground.
    • Aristotelian classical model, according to the conventional paradigm, an argument is looked at from all angles, and the side with the strongest supporting data is determined to be accurate. This strategy combines Ethos, Pathos, and Logos to persuade the audience to adopt a position in a debate.

    A Good Format for an Argumentative Essay

    An essay plan that uses the traditional five paragraph structure—introduction, body, and conclusion—is nothing new, so you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Nonetheless, there should be something special about argumentative essay outline, you can even pay for essay online and buy a perfect written one. With the aid of our argumentative essay writing service, let’s take a closer look at these details below:


    The first thing you should do when writing an argumentative essay is to use a hook—a fact, anecdote, or quotation—to draw the reader in. After that, proceed by providing background information, summarising the issue at hand, and succinctly stating your position and argument.

    • Hook
    • Background information
    • Thesis statement

    Body Texts

    In the body portion, you should roll up your sleeves and guide the conversation with assurance. Provide your strongest defence of your thesis in the opening paragraph, relying on facts, anecdotes, and professional judgement. Next, assess the evidence and explain how it supports your assertion. Don’t forget to challenge and refute any possible opposing views. For a different argument that supports your thesis in the second body paragraph, you may employ the same tactic.

    In the third and fourth paragraphs, examine the opposing viewpoint and provide justifications. Finally, refute the other viewpoint and provide evidence for why your position is stronger.

    • The first argument in favour
    • Evidence
    • Explanation
    • Counterargument
    • The second argument in favour
    • Evidence
    • Explanation
    • Counterargument
    • Rebuttal


    Restate your main notion and provide a brief summary of the arguments you made to support it like every other best essay website. Describe the significance of your argument and what it means for the reader. Encourage the reader to take action or reflect more thoroughly on the topic in order to close on a positive note.

    • Significance of the Restate thesis
    • Insist on action

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    Advice on Selecting Topics for Argumentative Essays

    Selecting a compelling topic is essential to writing an engaging and thought-provoking argumentative essay. Here are six sincere recommendations to help you along the way:

    • Remember who your audience is. Think about the people who will be reading your essay and try to imagine their thoughts on the subject you want to write about. Consider whether or not your audience would find it interesting.
    • Take a chance and choose a hotly contested argumentative essay topics related to nursing that you believe most people would like to avoid. It will set your issue apart from other typical subjects for an argumentative essay. But make sure you are able to explain the arguments for either side of the dispute.
    • Think about the items in your immediate area that are either taboo or unfavourable. Dare to talk about and argue such issues.
    • Choose a topic that may be debated – To prevent writing a dissertation, your topic should be neither too broad nor too specific. Establish the goals of your paper. Which argument or theory are you attempting to bolster? Try to articulate your goal clearly before you begin writing. Try free-writing on a good topic for an argumentative essay if you are unable to articulate your objective clearly.
    • Present reasonable and convincing evidence, and make sure your evidence is properly documented. Make sure you include a clear introduction and explanation of the significance of the evidence you use. Don’t assume that your readers will understand your facts and come to the conclusions you want them to. Explain the importance of each piece of evidence, how it bolsters or clarifies your argument, and why it matters. Provide proof in your writing, but make careful use of it to bolster your claims.
    • When your draught your essay, be sure to address the opposing position, include a wealth of supporting information that is presented fairly and clearly, and pay special attention to how your essay is structured. Make sure the format of your topics for argumentative essays is appropriate for target audience. You should also correct any logical mistakes and employ suitable transitions to help the reader grasp your position.

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    Sample Argumentative Essay Topics

    Selecting the right topic for your argumentative essay might be really challenging. Always make sure the subject you have picked is worthwhile and engaging. You might occasionally be given a choice of subjects by your school, but you might find it difficult to decide on one.

    In the sections that follow, you can consider your fight to be done because we, at our persuasive essay writing service, will assist you in selecting the strongest points of contention for your next argumentative essay.

    Ideas for Argumentative Essays for Middle School Students

    Let’s begin with a list of simple subjects for middle school argumentative essays.

    1. Describe the pros and cons of assigning homework to pupils on the weekends.
    2. Do you think your school lunch should be set by the government?
    3. Should gym classes be required of students?
    4. Do you think parents should set manual screen time limits for their children or do you think they should have automated ones?
    5. Explain your thoughts on the matter of mandatory school uniforms.
    6. Should the US impose a ban on violent video games?
    7. To what extent are hot dogs unhealthy?
    8. Why should the electoral college be eliminated, and why not?
    9. Is it necessary to extend the school day to make up for a long weekend?
    10. Do you think all college degrees should require prerequisite art classes?

    Ideas for Arguing Essays for High School Students

    As you get more knowledgeable, you might also take up more difficult subjects and start a stimulating discussion. Thus, the following is a list of high school Argumentative Essay Topics.

    1. Do you believe the FDA is monitoring what is put into our food effectively?
    2. What age do you think is appropriate to begin utilising social media?
    3. Do you think kids in the 12th grade need to pass a civics test in order to graduate?
    4. Is it OK for professional athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs?
    5. Should breakfast be provided for free to high school students?
    6. When is a youngster old enough to start doing chores?
    7. Do you think that an electronic voting system makes elections more equitable?
    8. Can we make a difference in climate change? Is it significantly larger and more potent than we are?
    9. Should the voting age be lowered?
    10. Since protecting the environment is so essential, should bottled water be outlawed?

    College Student Topics for Argumentative Essays

    Students in college enjoy greater freedom in selecting a topic of study and voicing their thoughts. The following are some intriguing subjects to start an essay on, also before jumping onto the topics let us remind you that if you consider to buy an essay paper online you will not have to worry about writing thousands of words:

    1. Is it better for the US to keep using daylight saving time or should it be discontinued?
    2. Should receiving a scholarship be dependent on having excellent grades?
    3. Has the use of artificial intelligence become too great?
    4. Should a public college education be free of tuition?
    5. Do we really need more American professional sports teams?
    6. Is it appropriate for social media firms to obtain user data?
    7. Is there a minimum or maximum number of justices on the Supreme Court?
    8. Do athletes and entertainers get paid more in the entertainment business than they should?
    9. Is it right for someone to refuse medical care because of their religious beliefs?
    10. Why is the US Constitution’s Second Amendment the section that sparks the most debate?

    Ideas for a Controversial Argumentative Essay

    The finest themes for argumentative essays to write on are those that touch on controversy. Take into account the following choices to liven up your paper:

    1. In society, diversity fosters tolerance
    2. There Is Too Much Fraud Making Electronic Voting Ineffective
    3. Free journalism no longer exists.
    4. Entertainment Doesn’t Lead to Addiction in People
    5. Unrealistic expectations are fostered by reality television.
    6. Military service is dangerously idealised.
    7. The advantages that people receive are not equal to the taxes they pay.
    8. In light of COVID-19’s impact, further financing for mental health services is required.
    9. Equal Opportunities for American Women and Men
    10. The Prevention of Pollution Is Not Realistic Given the Current Situation

    Funny Topics for Argumentative Essays

    You might rather argue about absurd subjects. These are some options for amusing names for argumentative essays.

    1. Which is better, being an early riser or a night owl?
    2. Are there extraterrestrial visitors here, and if so, what do they want with us?
    3. Should the employer set tight guidelines for taking naps?
    4. Is it appropriate to combine flip flops and socks?
    5. Should all public transportation be replaced by scooters?
    6. Can you use a fork and knife to eat pizza?
    7. Should we make it mandatory to take dance breaks during the workday?
    8. Should we start a campaign to replace handshakes with cuddles?
    9. Is it right to always make fun of the people you love?
    10. Is it OK to outlaw jeans and only let pyjamas to be worn in public?

    Argumentative Speech Topics

    These are some persuasive speech subjects that our speech writing service can help with. With these choices, you might as well sign up for a motivational TED lecture with assurance!

    1. What Are Your Thoughts Regarding Cancel Culture?
    2. Does being embarrassed in public online stop us from changing and growing?
    3. Phone etiquette: Have you ever felt uncomfortable using a phone in public?
    4. How much, in your opinion, can we deduce from what people communicate on social media about how satisfied they are overall?
    5. Should Media Literacy Be Taught in Schools?
    6. Is it Sense to Teach Happiness in Schools?
    7. Are there any books that belong in a school or public library?
    8. If there was a special school where you could learn anything you really wanted to learn, what would you study?
    9. Is Stock Trading a Skill That Every Youth Should Learn?
    10. Is Misery a Necessity for Contentment?

    Social Media Argument Topics

    The most effective titles for argumentative essays are those that reference social media and internet trends. Consider the following options:

    1. Describe and analyze some of the issues that social media brings to society.
    2. Social media has gained increasing acceptance in classrooms over time. Discuss while pointing up positives and drawbacks.
    3. Explain how social media has contributed to the radicalization of society.
    4. Discuss a few moral dilemmas that vanish when a social network account is created.
    5. Talk about how using social media can help to raise the overall value of your brand.
    6. The role of social media in current marketing and for youngsters and teens.
    7. What does weaponization on social media mean?
    8. What psychological effects does social media have?
    9. What effect does humour have in online forums on mental health?
    10. What impact does social media have on communication between individuals?

    Discussion Points Regarding Music

    Would you be interested in a music-related argumentative essay topic? Don’t say that again! We are so excited to share them with you, and we have a particular place in our hearts for them!

    1. Why Would a Musician Pay Someone Else to Write Their Music?
    2. How People’s Thoughts Are Affected by Making Music
    3. Should entertainers use their platforms to make political and social statements?
    4. Is recorded music less authentic and less significant than live music?
    5. Is it possible to exercise free speech and expression through music?
    6. Do musicians have an ethical obligation to use their platform to advance social and political change?
    7. The reasons behind making music instruction a required subject in schools.
    8. Why becoming a professional musician is worthwhile and fulfilling?
    9. The reasons why it’s critical to recognise and support the accomplishments of women in music.
    10. The reasons behind the promotion and preservation of diminishing musical traditions.

    Argumentative Essay Topics on Health

    How about topics for argumentative essays connected to health? Select one of the following to add to the important medical discourse!

    1. Who does the majority of the work—nurses or doctors?
    2. The body is not negatively impacted by oversleeping.
    3. Human subjects should not be used in medical research.
    4. There are different care requirements for mental and physical health.
    5. Should the use of antibiotics be carefully and methodically controlled?
    6. Are health campaigns effective methods for managing and preventing illness?
    7. Should organ transplants only be available to people who lead healthy lives?
    8. Should the United States declare obesity to be the largest health problem facing the nation?
    9. Is it necessary to regulate US healthcare costs in order to improve access?
    10. Is it OK to use genetic engineering as a form of end-of-life care?

    Argumentative Subjects for Technology and Science

    Here are some options for science and technology-related argumentative essay themes that are more recent:

    1. Do children’s socioeconomic statuses affect their IQs?
    2. Does technology cause people to become more or less lazy?
    3. Will Mars ever be a habitable planet for humans?
    4. Does the advancement of technology mean that the power of nature is lessened?
    5. Will robots or computers ever replace doctors?
    6. Should individuals concentrate on developing AI?
    7. Is healthcare digitization a good thing?
    8. Can someone legally possess their own DNA?
    9. Will living with robots be better than it now is?
    10. What are the possible future developments in cloud storage?

    Sports-Related Argument Topics

    The sports argumentative essay sample themes were too good to ignore. Regardless of nationality or gender, sports play a significant role in our daily lives. Look over the suggested topics below; we’re confident you’ll find something worthwhile:

    1. Why Olympic cheering has a place in sports.
    2. Wellness programmes ought to take precedence over athletics at colleges.
    3. Is American football played in non-contact variants limited to amateurs?
    4. Which moral qualities are crucial in professional football?
    5. Is there a chance that women may play in the NFL?
    6. Do national teams have the right to recruit players from other countries?
    7. Why is men’s soccer more popular than women’s soccer?
    8. Do soccer players make too much money?
    9. In soccer, is coordination more crucial than stamina?
    10. Is the FIFA ranking system in place now accurate?

    Dispute Subjects in Government

    Given the importance of the government in our society, the following political systems, individuals, or policies may be the subject of an excellent essay:

    1. How should privacy and safety online be regulated by the government?
    2. Are strikes and protests a viable means of influencing the way the government operates?
    3. Should the government take further measures to curb and address the growing problem of wealth inequality?
    4. Is the electoral college system a successful means of electing the US president?
    5. Can the government regulate and limit who has access to weapons?
    6. Should the government take further action to protect and advance the rights of marginalised groups?
    7. Is the FIFA ranking system in place now accurate?
    8. Give guidance on the best and most effective ways to combat corruption.
    9. Which political event or development from the previous year had the biggest impact on you?
    10. Should there be a limit on the amount of money donated to political campaigns in order to stop wealthy individuals from having an undue influence?

    Contentious Issues with TV, Film, and Video Games

    Not to mention, popular entertainment channels like TV, movies, or video games can also provide some interesting debate subjects:

    1. Do violent video games contribute to an increase in aggressive behaviour and violence in society?
    2. Does the way mental illness is depicted in movies and television harm people?
    3. Does the film industry go far enough in addressing whitewashing?
    4. Is it okay to binge-watch television shows?
    5. Indie movies: A movement or a subgenre?
    6. The Morality of Documentary Film Production
    7. The Power of Documentary Films to Impact Humanity
    8. The Heroes of Walt Disney and Their Psychosocial Impact
    9. Do video games and augmented reality become too immersive?
    10. Should parents be made to answer for letting their children view violent or explicit media?

    Final Message

    Once you’ve looked at a number of good topics for argumentative essays, you may choose to write an in-depth essay about your top choice. Remember that we are always available to assist you with any kind of writing assignment, from choosing a topic for an argumentative essay to refining the structure of a cause-and-effect essay. You can hire essay writing service Canada to get help with your essay projects.